Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pregnant As Ever

I get bigger every day!
I'm in the last leg of my pregnancy journey. Food only tastes good temporarily and then it gives me heartburn. If I go to bed late or have a hard time sleeping, I wake up out of sorts. I can't breathe. The baby squishes my innards. My hips hurt; I can't bend; I'm done.

I beg my husband to take the baby out, but it's still too early. Please...TAKE THE BABY OUT. I tell him I will pay him a million dollars. Then he has the gall to ask me where the money is coming from. What does that matter!

Right now, my goal is to stay hydrated in the heat. I drink water and other fluids, but it's probably not enough. Some drinks make me nauseous. Watermelon has been my friend and my husband's enemy. He's tired of the mess it makes. I try to avoid some sugar when I have diet drinks, but those have an unwanted side effect of diarrhea. Yea, you wanted to know that. Fruit is awful too. I looked it up to figure out my problem. I switch between diet and regular soda when I eat out.

I stomach anything I can stand. It helps to have some protein with each meal like milk, eggs, or cheese with bread, tortillas or cereal. I can stand yogurt. I skimp on veggies because it takes more effort to make them. They make me feel nauseous, unless they are with other food. I am dependent on one fruit: cool, wet watermelon. I'm okay with strawberries and apples.

I eat out or have frozen meals a lot. I ask my husband to remind me of what I cooked like before. I made real meals 3-4 times a week. Homemade pizza, chicken and barley soup, burritos, chicken and mushrooms with brown rice, meals with vegetables and fruits. After the baby is born, I'll be back to normal, right?

Exercise? Hmm. I sweat from going up and down the stairs, opening the outside door, doing dishes, picking up, and sleeping. I clean around the house and that's my exercise...and calling to my oldest to catch the toddler. Yet my body still feels so much healthier than my third pregnancy. I am more active in general. This last trimester is kicking my butt though.

The 90 to 100 degree Fahrenheit weather is my enemy. I sweat from doing nothing. I stay hydrated and stay inside. I want to go on outdoor adventures, but I can barely move in the heat. I cut my hair in hopes of staying cooler (and it drying faster). I waddle like all pregnant ladies.

Only a little while longer and this baby will come out. Will I feel better? Well, I'll be able to bend, not have heartburn, breathe, feel cooler, but I will still be sleep deprived.