Saturday, October 24, 2015

Die Lawn Die!

"Lawn Mower" by Petr Kratochvil
I took more vitamin C on the first day of my cold. On Friday, I was completely dead. I was barely awake and could only watch TV and nap the entire day. I asked my husband to stay home from work.

My husband spent the last half of the day home and ensured everyone stayed alive. I watched HGTV shows on Netflix. Gave me too many ideas to change my house. Unfortunately, I got involved watching an undercover cop series in the evening. I watched it until almost midnight last night. Why torture myself willingly? And I ate more raisin bread than I needed so late into the night. Bad idea.

Today I have more energy. I've reached the third day of my cold where I go crazy and clean. I folded several loads of laundry and mowed our large backyard (on almost a quarter acre). Now my arms feel like jelly and I felt slightly dizzy right after. But it was all worth it! Plus, I burned calories and toned my arms.

This is the last time I'm mowing the lawn this year. Period.

In previous years, the grass just died really long. Made the first springtime mow more difficult.

I look at the rest of my yard. Let's needs weed whacking, edging along the sidewalk, bush trimming, and weeding. But at the end of the year, I don't want to touch the yard. I was done caring for the lawn in August.

This year, I planted gladiolus for the first time. The tall plants blocked the sprinklers and almost killed off my rose bush. Bad gladiolus--you don't make me glad. I want to move them to another section of the yard that doesn't get well-watered.

My calla lilies bloomed really well, but they're in a hidden spot. I want to move them where I had the gladiolus before. I had white calla lilies in my wedding bouquet.

I want to get this all done before winter, but it probably won't happen.

Now, why do I mow the lawn instead of my husband? I'm too impatient for him to mow it on the occasional Saturday he has time. Leaves more free time for us on the weekend too. My mom mowed our lawn and took out the trash while I grew up, so I copy that. She only did that because my dad has MS. I mow the lawn because I feel strong and physically fit afterward.

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