Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Nose Job--Sinus Job, Really Improved My Exercise

"Woman with a Cold or Allergy" by Vera Kratochvil
I'm telling this story because breathing while exercising had been difficult my whole life. I was always congested and had colds go on for weeks. I took decongestant from the time I was 12, but it didn't solve all the problems.  I always thought I had severe allergies for 30 years. I wanted to breath better to improve my ability to exercise.

A year and a half ago, I had surgery in my nasal cavity and sinuses. If I get the terms wrong, I am no medical expert on noses. I finally had an allergy test and I was allergic to nothing! What was causing congestion my whole life? The doctor said I had large turbinates and ordered an MRI of my face.

The results came back and I had a Haller cell--an extra sinus--that was catching extra gunk, making it harder to empty my sinuses. So we set up surgery after a fiasco with insurance (the fiasco continued for six months afterward). The ENT doctor closed up the Haller cell and reduced my turbinates.

Several weeks after the surgery, I could breathe! It was the first time of clear breathing in my life--no decongestants! Since then, my ability to exercise has increased significantly and my colds only last a couple weeks. I haven't had any sinus infections either. I'm still paying off the surgery, but my quality of life has improved greatly.

So is your body stopping you from exercising in some way? Maybe a doctor can help you figure out a solution. Take care of the problem soon! It's worth it to be able to exercise better.

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