Friday, July 3, 2015

Missing Birthday Cupcakes

"American Stars and Stripes Cupcakes" by Linnaea Mallete
Yesterday we bought cupcakes for two birthdays in the family. My two oldest argued over which cupcakes to buy. My word. We wanted to just walk away. The middle one wanted the cupcakes as soon as we got home. No, they're for tomorrow.

This morning I walked downstairs to cupcake wrappers and an open present. Two boys ate 5 cupcakes and cut open their brother's present. We charged them money for it.

My husband and I went on a date and figured we would celebrate birthdays when we came back. There were still some cupcakes left. Well, they sneaked cupcakes into their mouths even with Grandma there. All the cupcakes were gone! There goes lighting candles.

We went for ice cream tonight, but one boy hated his ice cream and the rest was melting all over. We rushed home amid complaints.

So I'm fed up with birthdays today. My boys really rained on the parade. I suppose I ate fewer cupcake calories. I only had two half-eaten cupcakes. I'm going to have to hide cakes better, or just ban the practice all together.

On their birthdays, I should eat their entire birthday cakes and open their presents and play with them before the boys can play with them. Think they would learn their lesson?

Birthdays are overrated anyway. Holidays are overrated. I like holidays, but we spend too much money on them. I'm averse to the grand gift-giving. Gift-giving should come naturally without any prescribed birthday or holiday. It is a heartfelt year-round gesture. The pressure is too great for Valentine's Day gifts, Mother's and Father's Days gifts. Christmas has too many gifts involved. Then we add Easter to the mix. Really, why so many presents? Take the pressure off and give the gift of time.

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