Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 10 and 11: Dentist

Breakfast: cheerios, milk
Snack: raspberries, cheese
Lunch: tamale
Dinner: orange, corn bread, chicken zucchini soup, zone bars
Other food I can't remember
Bedtime: Midnight :(

I spent time making a 40-30-30 soup with chicken, barley, zucchini, celery, spices, onions, tomato paste. Should have had mushrooms and other veggies, but I pulled out rotten mushrooms and pepper. Mushrooms get this weird white mold.

My eyeballs hurt all yesterday because I had on fifteen year old glasses. I found eight-yr-old glasses while looking for yard sale stuff today! Maybe I won't get a headache from wearing a weak prescription. Only a week more and I should have my new glasses!


Breakfast: Cheerios, milk, almonds
Snack: zone bars
Lunch: chicken zucchini soup, cornbread
Snack: zone bars
Dinner: 2 chocolate chip cookies, and other crap I'll eat tonight. Probably will eat some tic-tacs, soup, or hot dogs, maybe some cornbread.

Bedtime: should be 10 pm :)

I've worn my contacts all day and had a headache from lack of sleep. My eyes are not hurting like yesterday. So nice. Went to the dentist this afternoon and I have one cavity. Considering I only brush my teeth every once in a while, it's pretty good. I heard a hygienist talking to someone else about periodontal disease in the gums. Yea, I may have had that being pregnant with my last child. I'm just thankful I only have one cavity today. I prepared for a yard sale tonight. Hope it goes well tomorrow.

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