Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 14, ?: What Day Is It?

I had cheerios and milk for breakfast. Went back to bed. I even went to bed before 10:30 pm. My toddler woke my husband and me at 2 am. When do they stop waking in the middle of the night? Ate an orange and string cheese as a snack. For lunch, I had a peach-berry smoothie from The Formula book. It adds a few almonds and protein powder to it. My toddler likes these smoothies for some reason. My other kids hate it. Had a snack of watermelon and cheddar cheese. I'm tiding over until dinner time. I think I'll eat some leftover chicken and zucchini soup with some bread. I don't know if it will fill me up. I usually eat a snack before bed too.

Um, I don't know what day I'm on anymore, but I do know the actual date, just not the log. Tuesday night I stayed up too late because I was sad over a friend's crisis. I was upset yesterday too after someone made a passive-aggressive put down about me. It doesn't matter if other people are rude, but put it in a socially acceptable way.

I can't remember what I ate yesterday, only that survival was my goal. My house is a mess. Today I went to my parents. I didn't eat any M&Ms or Silvermint ice cream bars at my parents. That's like...a first! I had a flavored apple pop, but so much less than I sometimes pig out at home with. I don't keep treats as a rule in my house. Maybe because I eat it so fast :).

My older boys have been on a whine fest today. We didn't get donuts, didn't get Sour Patch kids candy, the oldest was forced to go to Grandma's. It was a rough day, but going swimming with cousins was fun for them. But if we had stayed home, we never would have gone swimming with cousins. My oldest hates leaving the computer, but has so much fun other places he doesn't want to come home. If only it didn't come with scream fests!

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