Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 2: I am beautiful as me

"Plus Size Model Silhouette" by K Whiteford
A friend reminded me yesterday we are all beautiful in our own way. What we look like is not our true beauty. The world has set patterns of beauty, especially for women. I don't fit the ideal like I used to, but she reminded of the beauty I have. I have red hair that so many people dye for. I am a caring and talented person.

But I still want to lose weight!!! I also am learning I don't need to compare myself with others. I especially can't compare myself to the media's portrayal of a flat stomach, large chest, and wide hips. How many pictures are photo-shopped? Or how much surgery did someone get for that body? We live in reality with imperfections.

God loves me for who I am. He only wants me to be as healthy as I can--not a model. He also wants me to be happy wherever I am in life. Life is a process that takes time. Healthy living is a process that takes time.

So yesterday I ate one vegetable on pizza and two or three servings of watermelon. I also enjoyed Reese's pieces in the morning. I had less candy than I had the day before. I went to bed at almost midnight. Didn't get exercise in. So what positive thing can I do tonight? Go to bed by 10! My points would be 2/10.

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