Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 6: Saturday Is a Special Day at 3 AM

"Baby with Toys" by Piotr Siedlecki
My toddler woke my husband at 3 am. I woke later because I heard loud banging. I went downstairs to find my husband watching a movie and the toddler hitting things. He likes to make noise. I went to bed on time, but was sleep deprived after the banging this morning. Spent much of the day recovering. Now my toddler babbles innocently.

I had cereal and milk for breakfast. Ate some stir-fry for lunch. With my husband and me so tired, we bought candy and pizza and watched a movie. Yea, downhill. My problem is how much I've eaten, not having a little candy. All things in moderation. I haven't stuffed myself on pizza and candy like I have in the past. There's still two half bags of candy and cookies. The candy belongs to my sons, so I need to leave it for them. But they know that Mommy eats whatever is left over. For some reason, they don't trust me to leave them any candy. On the other hand, they eat all the raspberries and strawberries before my husband and I have any. All is fair in love and war.

I got some exercise while I went grocery shopping. Dragged around several kids on a cart. I also bought healthy food. I bought a bike that works! My old one has the brakes stuck while I ride. It's also rusted from being out in Idaho weather the first few years of my marriage. Time to go riding.

So when will I go to sleep tonight? Take a guess. My husband needs to recuperate from 3 am. He rarely can take a nap. This drives me nuts because he'll get cranky but can't fall back asleep. On the other hand, I can nap quite easily. Maybe we're a match made in heaven.

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