Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 7: Sore Butt

"Flower Power" by Lode Van de Veld
I went to bed around midnight last night. Not so great, but I've functioned today since I can sleep in. My poor hubby. I rode my new bike around the neighborhood today. Now my butt hurts. We switched my standard seat to a padded seat from my old bike. My gluteus maximus thanks me. My husband attached the bike trailer to my back and I tested it. Of course, the boys had to take turns riding in it. An extra fifty pounds is a lot to drag behind me. My middle child screamed when I stopped giving rides.

Food today has been so-so. I ate pizza for breakfast. Had jelly beans and string cheese for lunch. Dinner was a pear, veggie straws, potato chips, and probably something else. So you could stretch that I've had one vegetable and maybe two fruits (Hawaiian pizza!). One point for exercise!

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