Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 13: To the Movies

"Popcorn" by Cristie Guevara
I kept track of what I ate on My Fitness Pal today. I ate one of the suggested 40-30-30 breakfasts: oatmeal, cottage cheese, almonds, 1 teaspoon of milk and low glycemic sweetener. (The Formula suggests fructose, or fruit sugar, but blue agave is easier to find. My former trainer suggested it.) I got in some upper body toning this morning and walking around running errands.

For lunch, I ate watermelon, string cheese, chicken & barley soup. I still felt hungry after eating, so I probably didn't have enough protein. I don't know. My stomach felt upset. I was at my husband's computer desk when I found a gold nugget--a mini chocolate gold nugget! That seemed to help. I grazed on more watermelon during the afternoon. Watermelon is a high glycemic fruit, so it doesn't keep me full very long.

For dinner, I had three pieces of combo pizza. I feel better because we get it from a local store that makes it healthier than some of the chains--it's not very greasy. Also half of a pizza was left after the whole family ate. Usually I would have eaten that half of the pizza by now. Progress.

We went to see Inside Out at the theater tonight. My preschooler was scared during some of the scenes. It seems to be more of a preteen, teen, and adult movie. Little kids have a much simpler understanding of feelings. My kids screamed at some parts and cheered at others. A movie about emotions brought a lot of emotions to my children...more than normal for a movie.

Of course I had to have popcorn and one candy. Only one candy! I had diet soda, but I've heard that some sugar substitutes actually mess more with metabolism. WebMD discusses artificial sweeteners here. However, I didn't want sugar filled soda. Don't want to drink my calories. I got buttered popcorn because it provides a little more balance with the fat from the high glycemic popcorn.

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