Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 12 & 13: Yard Sale, Sunburn, and New Glasses!

"Corn, Oats, Rice, Wheat" by Petr Kratochvil
Breakfast: cheerios, milk
Snack: something
Lunch: Mushroom burger, orange soda, avoided the fries :)
Snack: something
Dinner: Orange chicken, lo mein, string cheese, maybe cereal.
Snack: Red vines!!! I gave some to my son to rot his teeth. I saved about a third of the package vs. eating it all in one setting. My husband should never buy me treats, but then I buy him treats. He got me the big package and I wish he'd gotten the smaller package...less to eat.

Saturday I hauled items from my garage to my lawn. After a few things sold and a sunburn later, I heaved the leftovers to my car or garage. Most of the items I donated to a thrift store. I had to get the crap out of my house! Yet I still look in my garage and I kept a bin of holey jeans. One day they'll become a quilt :). I offered them for free! One person took free cutoffs for her son. No one bought the hundreds of jean squares. I had toning exercise hauling heavy boxes!

I crashed for a nap and my husband woke me after only an hour. Mean man. But then he had great news: my new glasses came in! They came a week earlier than I expected. I can now see clearly...better than with the glasses I lost. My husband and I went to bed by 11 pm.

Breakfast: The rest of the Red Vines! cheerios, milk
Snack at church: grapes, string cheese. Everyone can see my family chowing down during services.
Lunch: cheerios, milk, cracklin oat bran, milk
Dinner: string cheese, cereal? I don't know. I'm not sure I ate a full dinner. Probably will have more cereal.

Exercise: going up and down the stairs to take a nap.

Proposed bed time: before 11 pm. Should be 10 pm, but today is the longest day of the year! I have to wait so late to stare at the stars. I remember all those times looking at stars when I lived in rural Utah versus suburban Utah as an adult. I miss seeing every star under the Southeastern Utah sky.

I need to rethink my weight loss strategy. My goal is to function during the day. (My toddler is playing with his belly button right now.) Summer and kids out of school upsets my schedule, but then I'm not a schedule person. I looked at the Shakeology stuff, but that's super expensive. I know what I need to do: eat healthy, exercise, and go to sleep on time. Surely it's not that difficult :). I have maintained my weight over the last month instead of gaining. That's good.

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